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P & G Initiatives provides our newest Australians with their first jobs, and more importantly, the training and life-skills needed for a pathway to their second and future jobs. Through subsidiary P&G Paper Tubes refugees like Vahe, an Armenian-Christian from Syria who lost his business in the Syrian civil war, have learned to manufacture cardboard tubes, taken freely-provided English lessons, and received day-to-day coaching on everything from phone plans to Medicare. Vahe can now provide for his wife and young twins, and has begun to rebuild his life and make a meaningful contribution to his new country. Over the past two years, P&G have provided jobs and training for 16 of our newest Australians like Vahe. With your support there can be many more stories like his.

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Help our newest Australians like Vahe find their first, and most importantly, a pathway to their second jobs in Australia.

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