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Hi there people, As some of you may know, this year on September 15th I will be participating in the Marathon event at Blackmore's Sydney Running Festival. Running a marathon is something I've always wanted to do so this year I decided to pull my finger out and get training. More importantly, I'm very pleased to be able to do this in support of Beyond Blue, a charity I feel very strongly about and have supported for a number of years. There are any number of different statistics that I could rattle off in regards to the importance of this charity and the work that they do, however I feel the below summarises this better than any: "Over 8 people in Australia die each day as a result of suicide" Eight. Any one of you that has lost a friend or loved one in this tragic manner would know the pain, guilt and whirlwind of emotions that are felt from losing someone this way, and agree that this is 8 too many. For this reason, I am trying to raise $5000 for this cause and could really use your help! To make things interesting however, I have set myself a goal of running the marathon (42.195km's) in under 3.5 hours - that's approximately 5 minutes a kilometre. To make things MORE interesting, if I fail to beat this time I will personally donate $1000 to Beyond Blue. If I do beat my goal time, for every minute I run under 3.5 hours I will donate $100. So please, join me in my success or failure, and give generously or whatever you can afford because every bit helps! Even if you don't donate, I hope this can be a small reminder to always check in with your friends, family, colleagues, aquaintances or whoever if you think they are feeling down - or even if you don't. It can only do good. And if you are feeling down, never be afraid to talk to people, they will only be too happy to listen and help you. You are never alone. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this, it means the world.

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Recent donations

Thelma gave $26.50
5 days ago

Good luck Robbie x

Bryce gave $50.00
9 days ago

What a great cause! All the best in reaching your goal!

Andrew gave $30.00
11 days ago

Well in Rob, what a great idea. Good luck mate, you'll smash it.

Robert gave $115.50
24 days ago

Very proud of you young Robbie. Love Granpa

Sue gave $115.50
24 days ago

Love you Robbie what a fantastic cause .....xxxxx Aunty Sue and Robyn