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Hi there Thanks for visiting my fundraising page. 2019 has been a busy and challenging year for me as I navigated the bumpy road of building a startup and expanding another, while coaching multiple founders through an accelerator programme. All the while, my partners mum fell very ill and sadly passed away a couple of months ago. Despite all intentions of being invincible, I felt myself starting to slip as the year went on. And with that, my self-care slipped too. Instead of asking for help, I hyper-focused on my work, withdrew from friends and family, and stopped exercising. And while I may have seemed okay on the outside, I'd fallen into a bit of a funk. I've decided to attempt the Blackmore's marathon to get myself moving again. I hope that it will help me smash through the rut I've been in, while building up the mental strength and resilience required to navigate any of life's challenges. Endurance runners talk about going into the 'pain cave', which is basically the point at which your body is so stressed and exhausted during a race that it screams at you to stop. The best runners are able to sit with that feeling while pressing ahead anyway. This is a skill I hope to build upon over the next few months. My motivations aside, being at the helm of a startup is a very hard, stressful job, and it's no coincidence that 72% of founders experience mental ill-health at some point in the career. Supporting this campaign will, for one, help to bring light to the issue while encouraging founders (and everyone else) to partake in exercise that is good for both their body and minds. We'll be fitter, happier, and more comfortable going into the 'pain cave' when it inevitably beckons us. Of course, your contribution will also go towards a charity doing very important work in alleviating depression, anxiety, and preventing suicide, both for founders, and normal people too. Thank you for your support. Please consider sharing this to spread the word!

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Best of luck with the marathon mate.

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You better win

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Great charity to support! You can do it!

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Run fast