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Hi there, “Mental health is about WELLNESS rather than illness” I am trying to fundraise $1,500 to support BeyondBlue (https://www.beyondblue.org.au/) & raise awareness about mental health by running my first marathon in the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival 2019 in September. Please help me by making a donation through my page. Did you know: a $48 donation will fund 1 call with a counsellor using Beyond Blue’s 24/7 Support Service. BeyondBlue provide various types of both online & offline support ranging from online chats to phone calls for anyone who needs some form of assistance with respect to their mental health such as anxiety, depression & suicide prevention. BeyondBlue’s vision is that everyone achieves their best possible mental health. This is through “equipping everyone in Australia with the knowledge & skills to protect their own mental health”. In addition, they are “breaking down the barriers that prevent people from speaking up & reaching out”. In summary, your donation will help Beyond Blue (taken from website) to: - reduce the impact of depression, anxiety and suicide by supporting people to protect their mental health and to recover when they are unwell - reduce people’s experiences of stigma and discrimination - improve people’s opportunities to get effective support and services at the right time. It is utterly nonsensical & illogical, that in 2019, there is still a stigma & discrimination against people who are suffering from mental illness. Even though I may not have suffered from specific mental illness such as depression & anxiety, I’ve had first-hand experiences with some of my closest family members & friends who were & are still battling through them to this day. To say that it’s heartbreaking is an understatement. Fortunately, I believe that by being more open towards this sensitive subject, we’ll be less reluctant to seek any form of appropriate help we can get to improve our mental wellbeing. Eliminating this barrier/ stigma & absurdity is an extremely great step towards enhancing mental health in our society. It only takes a minute and any money you can give (no matter how large or small) will go a long way in helping BeyondBlue push closer to this ultimate goal. Thank you for your time & I truly appreciate your support. As the cliché goes, every dollar does make a difference to bring about a positive impact on our overall mental health & wellbeing. With Love, T.P. Widjaja

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