A brothers Marathon Storey


Raised of $1,000

For Beyond Blue

Hi, I am attempting my first ever marathon, I am attempting it firstly to push myself and see where my mental and physical boundaries lie, to see what I'm made of and also to make my wife and son proud of me. But I also have the opportunity to raise money for a cause that it is very close to me. My Brother Dino loved to run, he was really good at it too, finishing in the top 1% at the Perth city to surf, one of the happiest photos I have of him is when he just finished that race, he was definitely proud of himself.... Dino passed away almost 6 years ago, he battled depression for most of his adult life and I feel like if he used services like beyond blue than maybe things could've been different. I never got to run competively with Dino, something that I'm only just starting to regret, but come September 15th, I know he'll be running with me, pushing me all the way. So help me raise $1000 for this great cause. Cheers

Recent updates

Well July was been a very frustrating month, I've basically made every running rookie mistake in the book which resulted in runners knee, ligament damage, plantar Fascitis and never ending strained calves.
But I managed to keep my fitness up doing over 100Km on my pushy (beach cruiser) and struggling through the odd Park run.
But I've adjusted my running technique and have a new warm up/stretching routine and am now back on track, I'm still confident I can reach my goal of 3:30:00, but I'm enjoying the training and can't wait for race day!

Wow, I can't believe I've reached my goal already, maybe I need to move the goalposts a bit and try to raise a bit more money.

Massive thank you to all who have donated so far, you're all making a difference to someone in need.

Training update:
Training has been going really well, feeling more and more comfortable with Running shoes on my feet and pounding that concrete, Ive logged over 180kms this month alone, so I've definitely upped my training regime with 12 weeks to go.
But I've been enjoying it and am feeling great.

Cheers again

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Recent donations

Christopher gave $78.75
9 days ago

Great cause You will smash it

Marty gave $84.00
9 days ago

All the best my Brother, proud of ya! I’ll send the jersey in the mail - haha!

Wayne gave $20.00
10 days ago

Good work mate! You will kill it.

Juan gave $52.50
10 days ago

You can do it

Chris gave $32.00
10 days ago

Great stuff Store Dogg, I know Deano will be running with you... the legend